• Xiamen subsidiary:

    + Selling premium product of Taiyen and expanding the market
    + Distributing raw materials
    + Seeking OEM and ODM
    + Technical collaboration, expanding business

  • Green energy investing company:

    +Looking for various solar sites
    +Receiving requests from e-commerce investors
    +Designing the site according to plan
    +Conducting total service through agriculture and fishery
    +Planning the design mode
    +Integrating the supply chain
    +Controlling the purchase budget
    +Improving the quality of project, construction management and supervising

  • Ocean chemical products

    Tongxiao Electrodialysis Salt Factory:

    + Fine salt
    + Packaged drinking water
    + Tourist factory

    Import salt storage and Transportation Office:

    + Food level salt
    + Industrial salt

    Cigu Salt Plant:

    + Thick salt
    + Industrial salt
    + Travel and recreation

  • Biotech products

    Biotech Cosmetics Factory

    + Cosmetics
    + Cleaning products
    + Logistic center for biotech products

    Biotech Health Products Factory:

    + Health food
    + Medical equipment

  • Biotech venues

    The following venues and professional consultation were developed and provided since 2003:

    Retail and franchise (a hundred venues around Taiwan)


    Online shopping site

    Diverse venues