New definition of health

Since it was founded in 1952, Taiyen has transformed from a salt manufacturer responsible for national demand into a customer-oriented service industry that covers marine science and biotech with 5 major products. It has become a creative and efficient leading brand, inspiring a new health concept among the public, and building a better life for everyone.

Through grooming, dining, water consumption and health protection for 24 hour per day, Taiyen safeguards public health and beauty with premium biotech products. Taiyen strengthens its products and service with creativity, upgrades its brand and retailing from customers’ perspective, and provides great skincare and food products beyond customers’ expectation.

In addition to consumer goods, Taiyen also develops green energy, protects ecosystems, and enhances production values in agriculture and fisheries. It improves the development of green energy through coexistence of fisheries and electricity, and conducting sustainable development.

Taiyen contains 60 years of history and corporate culture. In future, Taiyen will implement an updated management strategy to embrace international marketing, in addition to sustainable development, in order to innovate as a 100-year enterprise.